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The Montana Building, approximately 1910, located in Downtown Missoula, Montana

The Montana Building, approximately 1910, located in Downtown Missoula, Montana

Welcome to beautiful Western Montana where the Rivers & Mountains are truly Spectacular, where most everyone is Gracious and Hospitable and where your Next Adventure is Right Around The Corner; we think you’ll feel Right At Home!

Why Montana?

Big Sky country encompasses a vast landscape. For many who have never experienced Montana, it may conjure up romantic images of the Old West and a Wild Frontier portrayed by Hollywood and fiction novels. We do have Indian Reservations, and more cows than people, but the real Montana may be very different than some people believe. So what is it that attracts people and makes those of us who live here love it so much? The people and the reasons may be as diverse as the land itself. Quite often our State is observed as 2 distinctively different worlds with the backbone of the continent, the ‘Continental Divide’, separating the wide open plains of the East side, from the mountains & valleys of the West side. There are, however, a number of things Montanan’s all share. A huge wealth of natural resources that provides countless outdoor recreation opportunities, eye-soothing scenery, and a place to contemplate our lives and the worlds in an inspiring environment. A relatively conservative approach to politics where government regulation and interference is frowned upon, yet different views, opposing opinions, and what seems like completely different personalities who are able to get along and live together. Almost everyone appreciates and values the quality-of-life, lower crime rates, and lack of traffic, congestion, stress, and fast-pace, that are common else where. The friendly greetings, courteous actions, and non-judgmental attitude are usually noticed and commented on by first-time visitors. The easy pace, more carefree lifestyle and smiles, of those enjoying every day, can be contagious. It may indeed well be, that it is the people that makes Montana so great, but Montana may also make the people better.
There could never be enough time to explore and take advantage of all the natural wonders Montana has to offer. So don’t waste any more time; get yourself and your family to Montana and treat yourself to the inspiration that makes every day a GREAT ONE!

Why Stelling Real Estate?

Our office is small enough to provide friendly, knowledgeable & personal service, yet large enough to help with all of your real estate needs. Missoula is where our “home” offices reside and we can be found in the 100+ year old Montana Building in the ‘Downtown’ area on the corner of Higgins & Broadway. Our agents are happy to be of service; if you don’t happen to see the right place in our current showings, we will be happy to do a Multiple Listings search of the 2 Largest systems. Keep in mind, we cover all of Western Montana & beyond and we would love to assist you in finding that ‘just right place’. Just drop us a line or give us a call, at your convenience. (About the pic: The Montana Building, approximately 1910, located in Downtown Missoula, Montana at the corner of Higgins & Broadway, at 101 E. Broadway. This is where President Teddy Roosevelt made a rousing campaign speech on this street corner in 1912. This has been the Stelling Real Estate home office for over 35 years, located on the 2nd Floor NE Corner. Our home is in Missoula but we cover ALL of beautiful Western Montana.)