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Buying & Selling in the Montana winter….

MONTANA SKYLINEBuying and selling in the Montana winter….WHY??

   Often times when people think of the Montana real estate market’s busy time they think of spring and summer.  However, it has been our experience winter can often be just as busy.  Many factors play into this.  One of the most obvious is the selling process is worked out in the summer and cultivates into a fall closing.  We also see increased activity in the Autumn because people are wrapping up their summer plans and vacations and really start to focus their search.  This can often spill into the winter months.  There is most certainly advantages for both buying and selling in the winter.
    As a buyer we think it is important to see what a property will look like in the winter.  This can give you a feel for the amount of snowfall, length of sunlight and overall aesthetic feel of a property.  Chances are it will be beautiful in the spring, summer and even the fall, but winter is a full season and being prepared for snow plowing and shoveling can be very useful.  Snowfall amounts can very from County to County, valley to valley, and year to year.  The other major factor when deciding the right property can be the amount of sunlight received during the winter months.  A north facing slope or nearby mountain may well keep you in the dark for much of the day.  But a property positioned right will keep the winter blues at bay.  A gully may make for a nice viewing field but keep in mind the sun sets before 5:00 pm as we get closer to the winter solstice.
    Seller’s, often times, will pull or take their property off the market during winter.  This makes sense for inaccessible properties but for many we think it is a good time to keep marketing.  Often there can be less competition in the winter, making some properties stand out.  The most important factor however, is the planning that buyers often do in the winter, as they prepare for the upcoming spring.  Most buyer’s have an eye on the market for months before being ready to buy; especially after the busy holiday season. Buyer’s have more time to surf the online Montana travel and real estate sites and call or email requests for more information on properties they would like to see in the Spring & Summer. Out-of State Buyers are often preparing for relocation, or retirement months, if not,  years in advance. Additionally, keeping the advertising going through winter will make sure buyers, who are not quite ready to come to Montana, stay excited to see the property.
    There is always something to look forward to in Montana, as we get the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons and in all their glory.  Whether you’re looking forward to springtime fishing and summer camping, autumn hiking or just cozying up with a cup of cocoa next to the fireplace,  after some great winter skiing, snow shoeing or snowmobiling – all year long, Western Montana is the place to be Buying or Selling Real Estate.