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Brad & Cindy Bassett – In search of a retirement dream

We began early several years back searching for a home and property in hope of one day retiring in Montana. Researching through various real estate advertisements, we happened upon an agency titled Stelling Realty. Drawn in by the warmth of approach and splendid advertisements of properties for sale we called to set up an appointment for discussion.

Meeting Steve, his wife Keni and son Steve Jr. for the first time set my wife and I instantly at ease. It was obvious from the very beginning that the Stellings would never panhandle, or forcibly attempt to push a property of no interest to us. As a matter of fact over the years the Stelling’s remained very patient as we continuously changed our minds on properties ranging in size or locations. Through this period and interaction, our relationship with the Stellings grew more into a friendship than a business. As our friendship grew Steve and Keni became more in tune with our desires and plans for retirement. With this understanding the properties we reviewed resembled more and more the properties of our dreams.

With their guidance we finally found a property which people were calling the “Hidden Gem” a true retirement home of our dreams. With the great friendship of Steve & Keni Stelling, spending time looking for a property felt more like hanging with family than a sterile business relationship.

Brad & Cindy Basset