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Robert Hubble & Christina Voyles

My wife, Christina, and I had been trying to return to Montana for several years. We already own a home in Missoula, but wanted something more traditionally Montanan; a simpler life far removed from exorbitant, ever-rising city taxes and manic traffic. In our unhurried quest, we worked with a string of realtors ranging from the didn’t much care to the downright dishonest. Indeed, if it hadn’t been for one concerned neighbor at a property we were having inspected we might well have inherited a three-party broken sewer nightmare. Some seller’s realtors didn’t even return our calls or emails … which is how we finally met with Steve Stelling: A calm breath of fresh air in a stressful sea of mediocrity. Always willing to talk. Always available to allay fears and instill confidence in what can sometimes be a stressful process, but should instead be a pleasure. Steve was brilliant from the first phone call. It was immediately evident that Steve had a clear understanding and wealth of knowledge about the type and location of properties that we were interested in, and was well-informed about the properties that specifically interested us, as well as their surroundings – geographical and historical – and any possible problems we might encounter. But also put our minds at ease if we had unwarranted concerns. Indeed, Steve steered the ship in the right direction for us and we ended up with a property that we had only before dreamed about. We feel immensely fortunate in ending this search better than we had ever hoped. And we can only thank Steve and his team for their continued patience, understanding, and careful guidance during the whole process. Experience matters, as does an appreciation for the land on which people live and peoples have before lived. Steve and his team have that Montana appreciation and experience in spades. Thanks to them, we are now living on the eastern front of the Bitterroot Range. A special place for me because I spent many summers firefighting in the mountains there, in some of the most spectacular unspoilt terrain in the whole country. I feel as if I’ve finally come home.

Many thanks! Robert Hubble & Christina Voyles